Hours of Operation:

10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


2735 Power Mill Court
Tallahassee, Fl 32301
(850) 561-1312

Who We Are

Welcome to The Powermill Sports Facility. Located off Capital Circle in Tallahassee, Fl, The Powermill will provide the true competitor a haven for developing their game. Our goal is to bring an effective approach to training the specific skills necessary to succeed at the highest levels.

  • 16,000 square foot indoor sports facility
  • State of the art hitting area
  • Two pitching mounds
  • Two volleyball courts
    (Home of the Tallahassee Juniors)
  • Fully equipped skill training area
  • Parent viewing room
  • Player lounge
  • And more!

The Powermill is a 16,000 square foot indoor sports facility making it the largest in town. It is fully air conditioned to provide a comfortable atmosphere to maximize training. With our state of the art hitting and pitching areas for baseball and softball, 2 full size volleyball courts and our 2,000 square foot training loft, The Powermill is the one-stop-shop for the ultimate athlete.

The parent viewing room is designed to make waiting enjoyable. It is laid out with comfortable seating, 2 flatscreen TV’s, Wifi, and a 180 degree view of the training area. Any parent can also go upstairs and get a birds-eye view from our mezzanine walkway which overlooks the entire facility.
Our player lounge is provided for members only. It will have seating with access to sports related games or TV only. It will give a relaxed environment for the players who are waiting to get their lesson in or just want to hang with their friends.

DSCN0853When it comes to our baseball and softball hitting area, nothing compares. Our 4 cages are the largest indoor cages in the area. At 20 feet high, each cage will provide a realistic flight pattern. The 2 arm machines will throw real balls and the speeds can vary from 35mph to 90mph. The 4 hitting stations are set up to provide a controlled environment. Each station is equipped with a tee, side-flip machine and a basket of balls. We also provide wheel machines that can throw almost any pitch and create a different look for a hitter. Any player can request a video session for a more complete breakdown of their approach.

Our spacious pitching and catching area provides an ideal setting to work on your game. The 2 artificial mounds are portable to meet the needs of all age groups. We provide multiple tools that create better form for those who want that added edge. Our open space outside will allow for long toss to loosen up your arm before you hit the mound. Small weights and tubing will be available in the pitching area for warm-up. Specific league baseballs and softballs will be given for a more realistic experience.

The Training Loft is a fully functional training area. It will provide a cardio station, a plyometric zone, agility equipment, and more. Our TRX station is the designed for the ultimate workout. It will challenge every part of what makes an athlete function at the highest levels. Classes and individual instruction are available for a more personal experience.

07_01_11_powermill007The 2 volleyball courts are the new home of The Tallahassee Jrs. Volleyball Club. With 13 teams and over 130 girls, TJVBC is leading the way for the areas growing volleyball community. TJVBC will offer training and educational opportunities designed to develop both the physical and mental skills necessary to master the sport of volleyball. The programs sponsored and supported by TJVBC will be supervised and organized by experienced coaches dedicated to providing an honest, fair, and competitive experience. The Powermill is proud to have TJVBC as apart of the team.

When it comes to personal instruction The Powermills exclusive line-up is second to none. Our team of instructors will provide the most effective style of teaching for each player. From the up and coming star to the established player motivated to excel, we will have a variety of techniques that will help you reach your goals.