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WAR Travel Baseball

Wins Above Replacement


What is WAR?

WAR [Wins Above Replacement]- is a stat kept in baseball to identify a players worth in production relative to that of other players in the same position. In laymen's terms, how important a player's individual contribution is towards a team win.


About WAR

WAR is a Tallahassee FL based travel ball team. It was founded in 2021 by the coaches and staff at Powermill Training Academy. This Panhandle based travel ball team is looking to field the best athletes around the Tallahassee area. WAR believes not only in quality players, but quality attitude. We are looking for team oriented players who have an outstanding work ethic and skills both on and off the field. Players with elite hitting, fielding, and throwing skills are who we seek and encourage to join the family.



If you want to join our orginazation, we have teams for ages 13u-18u. Try outs for Fall are typically in late July- mid August. Tryouts for Spring are typically the prior December. Keep an eye out on our social media pages, as well as the WAR website, for updates to upcoming events and tryouts. Please email us or give us a call at (850)-561-1033 with any further questions. 


Instagram: warbsbl850

Facebook: warbsbl850